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About us

As an IT security company and service provider for the public sector and private companies, the ew Group assumes social responsibility and is particularly committed to digital sovereignty. The ew Group is a partner of D-Trust, a Bundesdruckerei company.

The ew group's subsidiaries offer products and solutions "made in Germany" relating to secure identities, secure data and secure infrastructures for the public sector and particularly vulnerable areas of society and the economy. ew global acts as the parent company for the subsidiaries and is also responsible for the management of all investments.

ew global considers the legal framework, such as GDPR, KRITIS, eIDAS, eHealthG, GovG, etc. and, together with its highly specialized subsidiaries, ensures that all legal requirements are adhered to and compliance requirements are met.


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ew IT Sec deals with electronic identities, their protection, encryption technologies, the latest wallet technologies, electronic delivery services, digital seals and certificates from simple to qualified, IAM, PKI, etc. We also provide support with certifications according to eIDAS or ISO carried out by specialists.

ew mobile deals with all topics relating to the protection of mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets or notebooks. The subject areas include UEM, MDM, inventory, app security, identity and access management and much more.

ew Sec Com is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that specializes in IT security topics. Technicians, marketing and online specialists make the most complicated topics tangible and easy to understand and create marketing and media concepts. They also implement these in suitable measures including marketing documents of all kinds.


According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the cybersecurity situation in Germany

remains tense to worrying.

Digitalization not only poses new challenges for the German economy. The federal government, states,

municipalities, cities and public companies are also constantly busy transferring analog processes and

databases to the digital world.

As a competent partner for KRITIS operators, ew global and its subsidiaries reliably secure the digital business processes of system-critical institutions and companies.

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) refers to the unified management of devices (endpoints) in the IT environment of organizations in one console. By devices this means both classic desktop computers and servers as well as mobile devices such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

Identity und Access Management

Identity and access management helps ensure that only intended and authorized users can access IT resources. This protects sensitive data from attackers as well as from curious colleagues and insider threats within the organization.

Seals und Certificates

In contrast to an electronic signature, the issuer of an electronic seal is, for example, a company or an authority and not the authorized representative or managing director. A distinction is made between simple, advanced or qualified certificates or seals.