Identity and Access Management

Central management of identities and access rights on different

systems and applications

USER LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Automatic provisioning - from joining the company through various change scenarios to leaving.

ROLE-BASED ACCESS MANAGEMENT Cross-system and application authorization catalogs for independently operating departments.

RE-CERTIFICATION MANAGEMENT Automatic periodic checks of access rights to ensure auditable processes and compliance requirements.

SELF-SERVICE & APPROVAL MANAGEMENT Self-services available 24/7 to relieve the burden on the IT helpdesk: approval processes, flexible workflows and automatic implementation

PASSWORT RESET MANAGEMENT Reset passwords easily and securely via self-service & provision of 2-factor authentication.

PRIVILEGED ACCESS MANAGEMENT Solution for managing one-off requests for emergency access or technical administration.

PROJECT TEAM ACCESS RIGHTS MANAGEMENT Management of roles, people and access rights in dynamic projects.

Digital Administration

Digital Education

Digital Health

Digital Companies


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Identity and Access Management

Increase IT security and relieve the burden on your IT and departments with our modular solutions for Identity & Access Management. The growing IAM software is our success criterion for agile projects and secure digitalization.

Solve urgent and important areas of action safely and easily with our modular IAM. Get started with lifecycle management, password reset management or user self-services in no time.

Quickly visible project results create user acceptance and are a success criterion on the way to your target image. As you continue to expand, you add new solutions and interfaces or expand the IAM services to include more specific requirements. This is how you scale the IAM environment tailored to your needs.

Conventional solutions for Identity & Access Management all too often lead into a complexity trap. Our IAM solutions are modular and work differently!