Unified Endpoint Management

Manage digital devices from all manufacturers with different operating systems conveniently via an intuitive interface

MULTI-PLATFORM iOS / iPadOS / macOS / tvOS / Android / Android Enterprise / Samsung Knox / Interactive Whiteboards / Windows 10/11

DATA SEPARATION Simple and data protection-compliant separation of business and private content

DATA SOVEREIGNTY Multi-client operation / in your own infrastructure / in the municipal data center / in a German or European cloud

GDPR COMPLIANT USE Elimination of cloud IDs by connecting local user directory services (AD, LDAP, SAML, OIDC)

OPTIMIZED INTEGRATION Connection of file directory services (SMB, WebDAV) / synchronization with Apple Business Manager

CONVINCING PRICE MODEL Cheaper than US manufacturers

Digital Administration

Digital Education

Digital Health

Digital Companies

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Mobile Device Management

Platform independent

As a German MDM solution, we enable the central and uniform management of different types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and interactive whiteboards. The platform-independent offer supports the comprehensive use of the common operating systems from Apple, Android as well as Windows and Chrome and enables mixed operation of all devices used.

Data protection compliant

As a GDPR-compliant solution, we ensure compliance with the strict European data protection requirements. A plus point for protecting users' sensitive data is the use of the devices without the necessary use of personal cloud IDs. Data generated on the devices used and in the apps used, such as location data or photos, cannot generally be read by us.

Data sovereignty

We enable data protection-compliant operations, either in your own infrastructure (on premises) or in a German, encrypted cloud. In addition, the multi-client capability allows it to be used by the school authority or in the data center while at the same time having full data sovereignty.

Openness to Integration

By connecting existing systems, local file shares (SMB, WebDAV) can be integrated for access to relevant documents and content. Data and work results can be stored securely on a central server. Local user directories can be integrated for cross-system authentication.